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How I worked with Justin Bieber's Producer & Engineer

I personally used to struggle when creating music. I don't know how to produce, mix or master... I could just write cool shit! For a while my music didn't sound as good as I wanted it to. I used my friend to produce, who had only started months prior, and would try to master myself. I then spent hours researching how I could change this and found the company Sound Better. The Website Sound Better ( allows you to connect and collaborate with industry experts. From Justin Biebers producer to Khalid's guitar player you can get them on your next track! And no I'm not an affiliate of the website (although I wish I was) I've just seen artists struggle to produce amazing work but Sound Better makes sure you can have you music professionally created. Working with the best in the business helps you to increase the quality of your work! After all... the music and content is what matters the most! Also, when I then created visuals and content for my music it sounded and looked good... a great combo!

Might be a good idea to check the website out so when you're creating your next project you can create the sounds in your head!


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